Is it possible play audio files on a V5 Brain?

Hello, my team and I are trying to spice up our robot with some sounds. We have the mp3 file, but I don’t know if there are any blocks to play it. I’ve looked all over the in-app help articles, but there is no mention of sound. So my question is,
A) Is it possible?
B) If so, is it allowed during tournaments?
This isn’t super critical to our robot’s function, but it would be cool. Thanks in advance for help.

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Unfortunately, there is no speaker on the V5 brain, so there is no easy way to get it to play sound.

However, it sounds like the VEX EXP will have a speaker, so if you have one of those, that would be a different story.


Thanks for the reply! I will look for those parts.

Hardware is not a problem - you can always make music with V5, and using perfectly legal parts. String up rubber bands or rope on a structure tuned to make different notes when plucked/strummed, Then design plucking/strumming mechanism.

Compose your own annoying piece and referee can not do anything about it.

But you might want to save your motors and pneumatic capability for actually playing the game :slight_smile:


Lol. There are multiple ways to achieve that …

And more...

He's a Pirate on stepper motors - YouTube
Beetlejuice - Stepper Motor Music - YouTube
Stepper Motor Music - Pachelbel Canon - YouTube
Lego mindstorms robot plays Bach's Minuet on the xylophone - YouTube


Could well be, but not all those examples use VRC legal parts for competition (meaning not just decorative :))

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Find a vrc legal way to do this and I will be very happy.


Based on posts on this forum on ESD, this is what happens every match every season :slight_smile:


Hello there. I tried to put this on my robot too. I’m the maker of the “my journey” thread. I was disappointed. I had an idea that you could use the legacy ports, but sadly you can’t. We just had to settle for the Soviet flag on our robot. But who knows? Someone on our team made a literal ankle grinder with vex parts, and another made a working rail gun (it’s broken now but we wanna fix it in the summer)