Is it possible to build a four bar lift with no bearings? and how so?

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possible? of course.

recommended in any way? no.

use bearings please.


May I ask why you’d like to know? There might still be a solution to your problem.

It is definitely possible (just don’t add them), but I HIGHLY suggest using bearings.

High strength gears with the circular inserts are an acceptable alternative. Combined with screwjoints, you’d only need 4 gears to make it work. Plus side is that you can also use those gears to power the 4bar.


the reason why is because we don’t have any bearings

That is a BIG problem, but a solvable one. Working without bearing is possible but can be catastrophic. I would prefer reaching out to some of the other teams in your region and asking if you can borrow some, I’m sure they’ll be willing to help considered you are missing a very crucial piece to your robot.


not having bearings is going to cause you some serious difficulty far beyond your lift. they are a near-essential part, and I’d recommend trying to acquire some instead of working around them.


4 bars require such stability that it would be impossible for you to even attach a motor, because there already sensitive as is. I agree with Xenon27 on this one.

@dewneyyy do you have any lexan/polycarbonate? By drilling the right sized hole they can make decent bearings. If you don’t have that either, than just be creative. Find whatever parts you have that have the right diameter hole in them, and find a way to use them. I’d strongly recommend using a screw joint rather than an axle, as this will immensely help with stability in this scenario. The key thing to keep in mind is that if the power to the lift is being sent through gears, you need to make sure that those gears have as little slop as possible as otherwise the gears will skip.


Unfortunately, no. The axles will slowly grind down the metal to which they are mounted causing your gears to no longer engage.

You can try using screw joints, theyll allow you to get away without bearings.

If you have any of the circular gear inserts you can drill out the holes to where they’re just large enough to where you can fit the insert into it like a bushing. I did this once to save space and while not ideal it did work. I would recommend wallowing out the insert though, they can be a little stiff sometimes.

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