Is it possible to build a two arm lift for intake rollers to put cubes into towers with only one V5 motor and if so anybody have any easy design?

Currently i have a nice working tray with tilter sitting on a 16in by 16in mecanum wheel drive base. The base works well but the tray we had failed miserable. I am wondering if anybody could help with the two arm roller bars.

@2775Josh ?

He’s the only person I’ve seen on the forums attempt it, but theirs didn’t really work.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean. Do you:
a. Need both rollers to be powered by one motor, or
b. Need just one motor to lift up both arms?

It would be nice if you talked us through any thought process you had before asking the VEX Forum- it’s kind of hard to help if you didn’t have much of a plan to begin with.


need one motor to lift both arms

Yeah just put both arms on the same shaft
If they are further than 12” apart you’ll need to use shaft couplers to make one long enough

I’d place a C-Channel near the back of the arms (basically near the towers where they’re mounted), rough sketch below: (the proposed C-Channel is shaded in yellow):


Having one motor for both the arm and intake rollers will not work as both subsystems need to move in 2 directions. I would suggest one motor for the arm (totally doable) and two motors for the rollers (one is doable, but does not provide enough power).

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I’m working on a 1 motor lift right now so I’ll tell you of anything I find