Is it possible to build an indexer without using pneumatics or custom cut pieces like slip gears?

Hi, our team currently has a flywheel and an intake finished but we need an indexer for the disk to be pushed into the flywheel. We don’t have pneumatics and our mentors say that they don’t want to cut special pieces like slip gears on most designs. This is a problem for us and we were wondering if anyone could give some ideas?
Another option would be to have the flywheel right next to the top of the conveyer so the disk doesn’t stop when it is being carried upwards.

another another option would to have a flicker design like the MARC robot but not sure how that is integrated and what parts the flicker uses.

If it is possible, expand the intake to barley press the disc into the flywheel.

Our team has a 1m intake and a seperate 1m conveyor. This allows the robot to hold up to 3 discs before it goes to shoot.


A slip gear is not a “custom cut” component and you can use it for many years to come. Ours on our robot right now is from turning point, which was 5 years ago now.


There are several things you could do. one you mentioned being extending the intake, another being using rachets or other mechanisms to create a separate stage of your intake, or you could use certain linkages to convert rotary motion to linear. do some research, brainstorm, and prototype. Good luck!

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Mount a gear off center and it will create a cam that will index.


Or just use a cam?


? isnt the intake and conveyer connected?

They do not have to be collected. This allows you to continuously run the intake and only run the conveyor when you are moving discs out of the way of the intake/towards the flywheel.

You can see this in our autonomous routines video:


This makes me feel very old.


yeah it was so long ago

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if you wanted you could just build a catapult bot

that would require a “custom” cut slip gear lol

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