Is it possible to connect a v5 bot to a remote with OpenTX?

I have a radiomaster tx16s that I want to connect my robot to, is that possible? And if not, is there any way for me to adjust the pids of the current v5 remote? As in adjust the curves for acceleration, and decrease the remote dead zone? The robot wont move like I want when I move the sticks a small amount. It only moves once the stick is past the (quite large) dead zone and then kicks. I know this sounds lame, but I think it will improve the use-ability of the robot

@SantinoM, welcome to the VEX forum.

Sadly your Radiomaster system isn’t compatible with the current V5 brain or motor setups.

But we will work with you on your current project. Can you post a picture of the robot drive train and a copy of your program. You should be able to program to get past the dead zones.


Thanks!! I totally get that they’re not compatible, I just figured that it was worth a shot. I’m downloading the software now, and I’ll have program shortly. I just realized that that was something fixable through the code a few minutes ago. As for the robot, it’s just a standard V5 claw bot. The only thing I changed was I make it arcade drive (right stick) rather than tank drive.

No problem in asking, as Mom says “The answer is NO unless you ask” (And Mom also had the 1-2-3 rule, first is asking, second is reminding and third is nagging and when you are nagging the answer goes to NO!)

If you get stuck post your code, but it sounds like you are on top of it for now.


@Foster Ok, I’m unfamiliar with how the code interacts with the robot. Obviously I want to reduce the dead zone threshold for the remote, and I get that theres a preprogrammed code for the clawbot to drive it with a threshold of 15. Is there a way to edit this stock code, or am I gonna have to make an entire new code?

If this is the case (which I assume it is) I just need to find the V5 code (similar to this)

and make the threshold lower (like 5 or so) right? this code however, is for the older clawbot, and I’m unsure if everything’s right (the ports, stop values, channels etc) but obviously because I have the V5 robot, do you know where I can find a copy of the stock v5 code that I can edit/make into a new program myself?

If you use VexCode Pro, which is the text version of VexCode, the relatively new coding platform, there should already be example projects, one of which should be a simple clawbot code file. You should be able to just download and run that program immediately assuming everything is plugged in according to the manual. If you want to then create your own or modify that code, you can do so freely.
You can download it from this link. It’s the very last download.


@LilTree I got Vexcode pro a few hours ago, thank you!! I didn’t see the example projects, so thanks for the point in the right direction!!

Edit: ok wait, I found the examples, but there’s not actually any code that I can manipulate easily (like in the example link I sent earlier), am I doing something wrong?

Oh, sorry. I just remembered. So those examples are primarily blank templates with a few examples at the bottom to demonstrate how to use certain devices. However, I believe the Brain already comes with code for the Clawbot specifically. So if you press “Drive” (I don’t have a Brain available but I think that’s what it was called) you should be able to drive “automatically.” I may be mistaken, but there may not be a preprogrammed file as there was with Cortex (basically the one you posted intially). However, I think opening and playing with the sample files or just reading/searching through the API might help.

The API can be found here:

If a preprogrammed file exists and I or someone else finds it, I suspect either me or them will send an update here.


@LilTree I looked around a little with no luck. Yes, there’s a preprogrammed drive code, but I have no clue how to access it and get it off the brain. any tips on how I might do this?

Hi @SantinoM

You will need to write your own program and down load it. In the V5 samples should be a joystick/remote control example you can set up to use. You’ll need to make changes in it for the way your motors are plugged into the brain.

In your other thread is an post that points you towards code that will do what you wanted, allow you to change the rate of change on the joystick <-> motor from 1-1 to a sliding scale (I think the example uses an exponent curve to ramp up slowly and then zoom. (It’s been awhile since I read it).

Hey @DRow can we close this thread off, the OP has another one here: How can I change the rates of the controller for my v5 claw bot? that he’s getting more detailed answers at.