Is it possible to connect an external camera used for a scanner?

I have been assigned a project with vex kits, i am completly new to this.
Our project consists of scanning cans and sorting them in different batches.
One of my ideas is to use a normal webcame or camera and ad scanning program to sort them. One problem is that i don’t know if it can be done. Either connecting a webcam to vex and/or programing scanning code.
Also i do not have access to the vex scanning camera thing sadly :cry:
Can you let me know if it is posible and maybe how?
Any other advice and tips for the project is welcome.
Thx in advance.

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Not really possible, you would need a laptop or a raspberry pi to connect to the camera.


Thanks for you reply.

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I believe you can’t have external control or video other than the controller. So you would be unable to use any sort of camera unless it is taping the entire competition but then it wouldn’t apply because it’s not connected to the robot. I hope this helps, I’ll look through the manual to make sure, if you have any questions let me know! :smile: :star:

I don’t believe the OP is competing, so they can do whatever they want, no rules. However, as @tabor473 said, webcam is not directly compatible with V5.


Fair, because it’s not directly compatible, then it would not be allowed. The only thing that is allowed that is not compatible is certain 3D-printed decor.