is it possible to do a one motor linear slide mogo intake?

Read the title.

it is if you believe. I suppose it’s possible, but it wouldn’t be very good. at all.

Yeah it would be 100% garbage

Is there a reason to have it one motor? Is it due to that and space? If you have one motor for a mobile goal lift, I would probably make a 1:7 or 1:9 (compounded) mobile goal lift. Second option is to find a way to change your motor layout and reserve two motors for the lift. Then, a linear slide method can be applied or a 1:5 four bar mobile goal is possible.

This is genuinely one of the worst ideas I have ever seen in vex.

what about a one-servo scissor lift?

It would be easiest for you to create a normal mobile goal intake with 2 motors with a torque ratio. I’ve even seen a couple intakes that use one motor but have insane torque ratios. There are plenty of things on YouTube to help you build a normal intake with two motors though.

Ya definitely do a four bar, but a one motor four bar is easy enough mines a 1:5 torque with one motor

1 motor 243:1?

sick idea 100% gonna work