Is it Possible to Flash the Controller Screen Red


I am making an overheat warning for my robot using VEXCode V5 Text. It is possible to change the controller screen to red using VEXCode


It does not appear that the vex::controller::lcd class includes methods to change the screen backlight color.

However, as an alternative, you could use controller rumble to indicate a warning state.

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There was a bug in the past versions where the rumbling would actually trick the remote to think that the battery is low and flash the controller screen red. This will provide you the ability to get what you’d like, although not competition-legal (Explained below):
If you are not competing you can somehow figure out how to revert to an earlier version by seeing if it’s possible via the software or by contacting VEX (Btw, you are required to have the updated version of vexOS to compete, so if you do not have an up-to-date version you shouldn’t compete until you to update).