Is it Possible to Import Okapilib into VexCode V5 Text

Hello All,

I am currently working on S-Curves for my Auton… is there a way to port the Okapilib into V5 Text


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Is there a way? Sure, there’s a way to do pretty much anything in computer programming. In principle it would be technically possible to port OkapiLib to VEX c++.

A more relevant question is, is it worth the trouble to do what you want to do? Probably not - if you want to use okapilib it would likely be a better use of your time to switch to PROS, or if you are just interested in S-curve autonomous programming it might be feasible to read up on S-curve geometry and write your own code in VEXCode V5 text to calculate and execute s-curve-like paths.


When you use okapi your not really using pros because almost everything goes through okapi. You would have to rewrite your code either way. But the C++ parts would be the same so all you would have to do is port your current code. I ported field oriented RobotC code to pros in 10 minutes so it’s not hard.

How would one do that if you don’t mind

First you would learn okapi Pros Docs and okapi V4 docs. Then you would decide if you want to port your current code or just start fresh. I usually port about half of my code and find that I want to rewrite the rest. But that’s up to you. When you go to port your current code all motor commands and controller inputs will have to be changed but the logic behind what values you give those motors won’t. After you make your first pass then just compile and fix the errors. Keep doing that until it compiles then test it on your robot.

P.S. I’ll be watching this thread if you have any pros or okapi questions just put them here. Make sure to read the docs before you ask because a lot of your questions are going to be answered there.

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