Is it possible to know how many tiles you have traveled

Is it possible to know how far you have traveled in terms of tiles rather than rotations or meters?

I guess if you have line trackers, you could find the distance between two lines. But otherwise, I wouldn’t think so. Using an IME or a Quad Encoder is probably a better option.


alright thanks!

We haven’t had the time to do it properly ourselves, but many teams calculate a conversion rate with the encoders, so that in their program they only need to enter the cm or Inches the robot should travel.

Using this and the fact that the tiles are 24"/61cm it could be pretty easy to make the robot move X number of tiles.

If you have them and can use them, try to incorporate line trackers, ultrasonics, or resetting on the wall to make your code more precise and consistent.

I have found that with 4" mecanum wheels, 500 encoder ticks (QSE) is about 1 tile. If I want the robot to drive 3 tiles, I will enter 1500 ticks, and tweak from there.

where dia = wheel diameter in inches
where circ = wheel circumference in inches
where rot = rotations to cross tile
where tile = tile distance in inches
where deg = degrees to cross tile
rad = 4
circ = diapi
tile = 24
rot = tile/circ = 24/(4
3.14159etc) = ~1.91
deg = 360rot = 360tile/(diapi) = 36024/(4*3.14159etc) = ~687