Is it possible to make a vex IQ drone?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I am thinking about making a vex IQ drone. Is it physically possible to do it?



no :frowning:


Hi, you are new here, so let me help you out. On a regular basis (once a year, some times twice a year) people ask “Can I make a VEX kit fly”. The answer is not with the existing parts.

There is nothing in the VEX line (V5, VEXIQ, VEX-Pro, Vex Go, Vex123) that generates any significant lift. The cool rotors from the Hexbug toy generate lift, but not much more than to get them to fly into the air. The weight of the motors, brain and battery are substantial across the product lines. Trying to offset that weight would require a substantial amount of lift with one or more rotors. But you are then on a race of add a motor means more lift needed, which may mean another rotor and another motor, etc.

Hope this helps.

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To do that each motor would need to generate enough lift to lift itself and more, nothing VEX makes is strong/light enough to do that. So no.

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that is most definitely not possible but it would be a really cool game changer if it was.