is it possible to make an analog sensor into a digital sensor

our team is running low on analog sensor ports and i was wondering if we can make a line sensor work in a digital port by reporting one number if it is over the white line and the other number if it is over any other color

Short answer is no. Longer answer is it may work under very specific conditions, it would report “1” or “0”, but I would not recommended this approach. What other analog sensors are you using?

we have four optical shaft encoders to detect our mecanum movement, 2 potentiometers to determine the height of the lift based on the angle, and then i only have 2 analog ports left when, if i remember correctly, 3 line sensors are recommended.

Optical Shaft Encoders are Digital Sensors. Not analog sensors.
You have 12 Digital Ports and 8 analog ports. You should be fine.

So the four quad encoders use up 8 Digital ports (each encoder needs two digital inputs). Two pots use 2 Analog ports so 6 analog ports remaining, as OscarNVCC said, you are fine.

Here’s what I see the optimal usage of analog ports for this game:

  1. Gyro
  2. X accel
  3. Y accel (if holonomic or mechanum)
  4. Z accel
  5. Potentiometer (arm position)
  6. Line follower 1 (if the bump does not interfere)
  7. Line follower 2
  8. Line follower 3

Thank you, i didnt know Optical shaft encoders were digital and i assumed they were analog due to what they do, sorry for wasting anyone’s time :slight_smile:

The way the OSEs work is they shine a light through a spinning wheel with holes in it. The cortex gets either a 1 or 0 depending on whether or not it sees the light shining through. By detecting changes from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1, it can tell that the OSE has turned a little bit and adds (or subtracts) that from the cumulative total.

Potentiometers, on the other and, are analog because (IIRC) they use a resistor to vary the amount of current going through them based on how much they are turned and the cortex figures out the position based on how much current it is letting through. An OSE cannot work like this.