Is it possible to rubber band assist a Chain Bar?

My team and I are working quite successfully on building a chain bar. However, we are noticing that the rotation times, from where we are scoring to where we are picking up the cones, is quite high. What are some possible strategies for increasing the rotation speed? Currently, we are running four motors with a 1:6 torque gear ratio. Ideally, we would love to use a rubberband assistance system but we aren’t sure if that would be useful or possible.

The torque ratio is definitely slowing you down. With four motors, you should have more than enough strength to pick up a cone that weighs just a few ounces without the need for four motors at a 1:6 ratio. Have you played around with other configurations? Just going to a 1:2 would triple your speed. I’m guess I’m stuggling to figure out why four motors and a 1:6 ratio is needed. Are you using steel or aluminum?

If you look closely at the OSIZR robot by ALBA:

You will notice that they used rubber bands on the chain bar to assist the motors. Look at how they did it, because that’s probably the best way to configure the bands for assisting the motors.

Ah, OSIZR uses high speed motors and a 1:3 ratio on the chain bar. That will be a lot faster than 4 torque motors and a 1:6 ratio. Just something for you to consider.

I like the way this beejing team uses their rubber bands.