Is it possible to use multiple projects in a competition (one for autonomous, one for non-autonomous)?

We will be competing in a qualifier is very soon. We would realistically like to use a drivetrain in our autonomous to facilitate writing the code with forward, turn, and similar functions created with the drivetrain. Unfortunately, our current movement code does not allow for us to create a drivetrain, thus we are hoping to create 2 separate projects one with the autonomous, another with the non-autonomous.

It would not be advisable to switch programs mid-match.

What about your current code prevents you from initializing a drivetrain? If the graphical configurator won’t let you set one up, you should still be able to initialize a drivetrain manually and use it in autonomous, while still controlling the motors directly in teleop.


Yes it is. for example we have an autonomous for the red side and one for the blue side which are 2 different programs. you can also have a separate program for skills.

While this is technically possible, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll lose time stopping and restarting the driver program, and risk accidentally starting the wrong program. You would be much better served to code your robot with both the autonomous and driver control in the same program.


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