Is it possible to use the V5 controller with a PC?

I want to be able to play with my V5 controller, because the joysticks are on top. Is there a way to do this?


I don’t know how they did it, but I do know that it’s possible.


I guess you could connect it with a usb cable but I’m not sure if it will work

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I’m pretty sure @lerker100 has done this on some flavor of Linux, maybe he could offer some additional insight.


On the reddit there it says you should just be able to plug it in,it uses standard USB joystick drivers.

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It acts as a normal controller on windows, however the buttons still do things on the controller. I recommend connecting and then disconnecting it from the brain so it locks out the menu controls until you press the power button.

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The V5 controller will show as a gamepad if connected with USB, I have tried with the xRc simulator, it works well on Mac but there seem to be issues on windows (buttons work, not joysticks), not sure what the issue is though as it works with many other programs on windows.


@TaranMayer has figured out a workaround (nice hack) to allow the V5 controller to simulate keyboard control of this simulator. The workaround does involve a little registry editing, always be careful when using regedit as there is the potential to cause all sorts of issues if you inadvertently edit the wrong thing.

I tried this myself and don’t see any problems with this approach, eventually when I get some time I may go back and see if we can get direct control of the game, perhaps we need an Xbox compatibility mode or something in the V5 controller, but that would need a vexos update.

The gamepad/keyboard tool used is here.

These are the key mappings I used, but it’s really easy to setup in a different way if you want to.

Thanks to Taran for finding a way to make the V5 controller work with this simulation under windows. (671 Bytes)


Do you think it would be possible to connect the controller via bluetooth? As I see the bluetooth option in the controller settings, but idk if we can connect it to our computers

No, that’s not possible.


@jpearman what’s the Bluetooth radio even used for?


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an alternative to using VEXnet, the controller and brain are switched to bluetooth to allow this. The advantage will be that it’s possible to also program the V5 brain using BLE from supported hardware, this will initially be implemented in VEXcode V5 Blocks for iPad and Android tablets.


Do you know if it would be possible to do something similar on a cortex controller?

The old cortex controller doesn’t support any form of gamepad USB connection as far as I remember. To be honest, it’s easier to just but a Logitech F310 for $20 and use that.