Is it possible to "wireless-ly code" with ROBOTC?


I am using a VEX CORTEX with ROBOTC. Is it possible to code wireless-ly over vexNET? I have found some things on the internet, but none of them work. I am trying to be able to view the Debug Stream while the robot is running using vexNET w/ controller. The controller and CORTEX are paired. My computer has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. I have switched to vexNET and USB communication mode. What am I missing? Is it even possible?

Yes, you just need the wireless programming adaptor. This connects from your computer to the controller. The download/debugging is then done over VEXnet

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Thanks for the reply. How would I use this? Are there instructions somewhere?

There may be information on the product page

So here are the 2 ways to download to cortex. 1 over vexnet and 1 not. Just grabbed from Google images.



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