Is it possible?

I want to connect a xbox connect cam to v5 cortex. is it possible?

Possible? Yes. Something you would have to figure out yourself that also happens to be illegal in competition and would likely not result in the v5 brain being able to process the Kinect’s data? Also yes.


Put a raspi/ other single board computer between the V5 and kinect. Otherwise it isn’t possible. USB doesn’t work like that.


yes i do know it’s illegal for that but. i am not using it for competition. I am trying to build something in my engineering class and we want to use the connect for that but i have no idea how to connect it to the cortex. so wish me luck and ill keep this posted for anyone who wants to use it for help.

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And not to be a troll, but the V5 is NOT a Cortex. They are different devices.


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