Is it really that hard to program the bot to use two remote controllers?

Or is my team just worse then I thought?Exactly how much more work is it to do that?I really wish my team would since more people would get to control the robot and it would make scoring easier.

no not at all. For basics, just change the rx number when prgraming motors, there is probably more complex way to do it but thats the easiest way i know

Got a howto that I can show my teammates to show how easy it is?

Its as simple as looking the EasyC help file or the manual.


Sorry but i do not, and i dont have a copy of easy c on my computer so i cant make up on right now. From what I can remember, when programming a motor or servo, there will be a RX number at the top and i believe it is initialy set to zero. Set the number to 2 instead of the normal one. Pick the motor port and channel and download the program. This should allow you to use both controllers.

Here you go,

The person with the controller on the Rx frequency plugged into the first Rx port will drive the robot the other will control the “arm”. (1.02 KB)

All you have to do is drop an RX block into the code. From here you can set which RC channel will control the motor that you choose.

Make the code in a while 1 == 1 loop so the RX input continually updates itself.


Example code from the top of my head. (might not be exact EasyC Vex code words)

#include <stdio.h>

   while (1 == 1)
         RXcontrol(choose channel, controller, and motor/servo)

You beat me to it. :smiley:

This is really simple

First you need 2 transmitters and 2 receivers that operate on differnt frequency’s. Buy the frequency kit off eBay if you need more crystals.

Second you need a programming kit, if you have the hardware just download the trial edition. It works for 7 days but it takes 5 minutes to make the program so you should be ok.

Now plug in both rx modules and controllers.

Now you need to program what rx module controls what motor in easy c which is simple, when you program the radio control feature just select rx module 1 or 2 depending on which one you want to control that motor.

It’s not that hard, as you can see by all the posts above me. ^^^^^

Why repeat?

You posted that, i wasn’t really ready the posts lol so sorry if i repeated it but i guess i did not see that.

Its not hard than agen i dont do the soft ware for my team.:slight_smile: