Is it too late to register a team?

My school started Vex Robotics club late and I’m wondering if it’s possible for my friends and I to even start a team. I feel like it’s too late… :frowning:

I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is a deadline to sign up. You just can’t register for tournaments until you have registered at

Below is the website you would have to go to. You first have to register your team through robotevents, which costs $100. You then have to sign up for the actual competitions, which costs additional money. Having said that, you may want to check to see if there is even any open spots for any competitions near you. They may not have any open spots, which would make registering pointless.

I found out about VEX around November 2014 and didn’t sign up/start building until right around now of last year… :smiley:

Obviously, we only attended one competition and it didn’t go all too well… but it was a great start to this year’s season and getting into VEX.

Another team we’re friends with started their first season in November, and yet they were still able to make it to States, then Worlds. There’s always hope!

Thank you! There is hope indeed!!

I don’t fully understand your question - whether you mean/are asking if it is possible to have a robot done fast enough - or if you mean if it is still possible to register a team, I have no idea if you can still register a team. However, you can build a fairly nice robot in this amount of time. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!