Is it violation of SG9?

HI forum, yesterday during the match, before the last 30 seconds, the blue team put the tall neutral goal on the balanced platform. The tall neural goal fell such that the branch was out of the field and the base was still on the platform. The referee went and take the tall neural goal, put it back in the field. This gave the blue team a huge benefit. Otherwise, their mobile goals on the platform would not be considered elevated.

Is this the right action for the referee?

Yes this is correct. If it was after the last 30 seconds it would be removed and not returned.


Thank you for reply. So the out of field mean partially out of field.

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Yeah pretty much, objects can hang over the edge, but once one part touches something outside of the field than the whole object is considered outside the field.


That make sense. Do you have the reference to game manual?

Relevant Q&A


So the mobile goal hand over/touch field perimeter and did not touch the ground outside of the field is not out of field, even the branch is out of field’ 3D column. So @Golf state, out of field depends on touch the ground of outside of field.

Not just the ground – if the mobile goal makes contact with anything outside the field (field control cables, people, etc), then it has “left the field” and SG9 applies.


Thank everyone for the discussion and clarification. Now I understand the rule. It all depends on if the mobile goal touches anything else outside the field except the field perimeter.

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