Is it worth filling in old journal entries?

My team has our second competition coming up in mid-February. I’ve made a CAD model of our new robot which we will start building early this week, to replace our old robot (which we took apart recently).

Our club has a couple new engineering notebooks, and we’ve never done one before but we were wondering if it would be worth doing one now? Also, should we fill in entries about our past robot, like a reflection, or just start with entries about building our new robot? Should we date the entries with past dates (ex. October-December 2022), to make it look like we actually filled it in as we were building? Is that a bad idea?

I have a ton of photos/written information about the building process of our first robot, because of a Capstone project I’ve had to do in school.

Do a summary of what you did, maybe multiple pages. The start daily reports.

Do not go back and make it look like you did it from day one. Judges catch that and mark down the scores.


pretty much has same question from my alums - life happens - college visits, applications, etc. As Foster says - document the gap and the life context for the team - then reboot - reintroduce your engineering process and document thoroughly moving forward. Don[t back date material or fudge…

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@Foster thank you very much being that I was about to make it look like we had been journaling from day one

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Good point on giving life context. Even if we wanted to we honestly didn’t have time to make a notebook, with applying to university and all. I’m actually really looking forward to making a notebook because it’s my last year for robotics and it’ll be nice to reflect on what we’ve learned/fun we’ve had.


that is incredible I hope you enjoy your last year