is it worth it?

i’m new here
i don’t have a vex, i just wanted to make sure this is worth the money!

IMO, that depends on a lot of things. How committed are you/your team? Are you doing this alone, or do you have a few friends to split costs? Do you like STEM?

I think this is most definitely worth the money, but I face ~$300 a year, whereas a new team might have a startup cost of around $2000. If you stick with it for a few years, you get better, and the costs go down.

thanks for the reply . no i don’t have a team.

yes, i like stem

If you don’t mind me asking, what grade are you in? Also, are there any other teams in your general area, any competitions near by ( you can search robotevents).

I’m not really sure the forum is the most non-biased place to ask… The people who are going to answer are going to be so biased towards “yes its worth it!” considering we check the forum >1 times per day…

Only 1? :wink:

1 ≠ 1


Is there any teams nearby?

If you like building things, coding, or problem solving, it is most definitely worth it! You have to decide for yourself though.

I don’t quite understand? Are you looking to start a team, or just buy a kit?

I like your name @Adam

To find a team in your city, you can use VEXDB!!! <3 type into your url and you get ALL the VRC teams in chandler. Replace chandler with your city or a city around you and you get your potential team. This includes only vrc, so vex IQ and vexu are not listed so be a little careful, if you are not a high schooler or junior high schooler than I can fix the url… And you shouldn’t choose any of the teams listed. To learn more about how this works, go to

The REC Foundation also provides a map link to teams at This includes VRC, VEX IQ and VEX U teams all over the world. This only includes currently-registered teams so there won’t be many until school starts up in the fall.