Is ITZ the year defense comes back?

Is In The Zone the year defense comes back to Vex? No pinning or trapping allowed, but there is a wide open field here and the cones score nothing if you hold them at the end.

Initial Ideas:

  1. Tipping cones over on the floor when your opponent can’t easily right them
  2. “rubbing is racing” However <SG5> is a bit worrisome depending upon interpretations as you hold a mobile goal.
  3. Hit a corner of the robot to mis-align the opponent picking up their next cone

i am looking towards a hoarder of opponents’ mobile goals.

but it will be technically challenging - considering the weight and size of the mobile goals and also the opponents will also be racing to get their own goals.

A good defensive stratagey would simply be to sit in the 5 point zone and drive side to side to prevent that sweet 20, and 10 point bonuses, as well as highest stack in thoes zones, which is 50 points + the 15 in highest stack meaning 65 points just from sitting in the 5 point zone

While this is a valid strategy, the defensive bot has to be very very careful to not get pushed into the 10 point zone. In accordance with NbN precedent (but contrary to Skyrise precedent), a defensive bot pushed into an opposing protected zone is at fault for entering the zone.

Wallbot effectiveness will decrease with the 48" horizontal expansion limits. However, the starting bar is only 48sqrt(2)", so a wallbot could be effective.

@puzzler7 ywah, however a traction wheel in the middle of your drive train solves that, no ones pushing a 18pound robot sideways on tractions, especially not with an x-drive with tractions

You still have to manuever your robot to the other side of the field, behind both blue bots, in a relatively short period of time.


I instantly thought wallbot upon seeing the game reveal video, but the size restriction is really crushing. I may change my mind when I see how the game plays out.