Is Joystick Calibration Broken?

How long has joystick calibration been broken?
Is there a new procedure, or is it unneeded anymore?
Using procedure found in EasyC Help file:
6U and config while connected with vexnet2.0 keys
has not worked on any of the 4 joysticks I’ve tried it on , with firmware 4.25

Are you using new joysticks? I think vex switched something in the manufacturing about a year ago (the old ones are much darker colored). Ever since the joysticks switched colors, none of my joysticks settle at 0. If I was you, I would get old ones instead.

The whole point of Calibration is to fix the non-centering issue. Do your old joysticks work with the calibration procedure, but the new ones don’t? I know how to do my own joystick calibration inside C program, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Try without the VEXnet key plugged in. Power on the joystick, hold 6U and press config button, I think it should work then.

Thank you James. That works for joystick calibration like I expected. It looks like they updated the procedure to make it easier, but all the previous instructions all over the web are not updated.
I checked again to look for official vex instructions, but all I found was that I asked the same question here in vex forum in 2014 and got the same answer you provided today. (shame face)