Is mid match expansion legal?

My team’s robot has mechanisms that when starting the match, they are fully legal, but upon being activated they breach the boundary for a short period of time, and then go back to being within the legal size limit. Is this still legal?

I don’t believe that is allowed.

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After the start of the match, the vertical limit is infinite, but the width and length boundaries remain the same, other than if you are in the expansion zones.

If it goes higher it is legal but otherwise you have to stay in the 11-19 requirements.

look at when the last post was posted…

No this is not legal. you have to get inspected at your max size with all you systems at their longest point.

If robot expands outside the horizontal constraint of 19x11 during the match when not touching the floor of the expansion zone, the team needs to take robot off field and rectify the issue and bring robot back to the starting position before it can continue on with the match.