Is modkit good choice for VEX IQ?


After waiting for two months, we received our vex iq super kit. Tell you the truth this is by far the best kit then Lego mindstorm (we bought it but its easy to break for kids so returned it).

My son is 9 year old, after building his first robot and playing using remote control, he wanted to start programing in modkit (he is very familiar with scratch).

Many times modkit is not finding the connected vex iq ( we have modkit link running) and sometime it finds it connected.

Is there any other step we are missing or is this a general problem? Because this can be very frustrating for 9 year old kid who tried 4-5 times and every time he got disappointed with this connection issue.

Also, when it finds the connected devices, it takes long long time to save projects in google account.

if this is a common problem with modkit, can you please suggest any other tools to program vex iq kit?

Please provide any suggestion and let me know if you need further information.