Is notion okay for VEX notebook?

Hi! After many years of the handwritten VEX engineering notebooks, our club is making the decision to switch. We know VEX recommends Google Slides, but I (Notebook Manager :slight_smile: ), have experience with both Notion and Gitbook. Does anyone know if these are acceptable for the 23-24 game?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I would strongly suggest using google slides or PowerPoint since that is what the judges are expecting and trained for. I don’t see any information saying you can’t use Notion or Gitbook though.

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Notion is defitiely allowed. We at the Purdue SIGBots use Notion for our notebooks. It fits the criteria of Notebook Formatting on the rubric as all article creation dates are saved automatically. I recommend Notion because it allows for a team to collaborate easily, and the format ends looking nicer than google slides (I did google slides in CU for HS).
The guide to judging for the 23/24 season hasn’t been released so officially we don’t know if we can use virtual notebooks, but since Vex and RECF released virtual notebook templates, I think it is safe to assume that you can.


As someone who has done a fair bit of judging, you don’t get trained on how to use google slides or power point. The majority of events ask for PDF submissions so the platform doesn’t really matter besides making a team’s life easier.


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I had 4 VEX Robotics Engineering Notebooks this Season. For oral presentations, I used Google Slides, but I believe that as long as you can show the judges your main points of presentation, then you should be good to go!
(Also I’m in middle school going into high school, and it’s going to be my 3rd season next season, so I don’t know if you would like to trust my opinion but yeah).