Is obtaining neutral goals in auton viable anymore?

With the latest point value change reducing the 20 point bonus in auton mode to just 6 points, it seems as if the basis of obtaining neutral goals in auton is not as important anymore. Is it still viable to make a robot that is able to get 2 neutral goals in auton, or one? Or is ring scoring a better option?

it’s extremely viable, the auton bonus is nothing, but the advantage of having more goals than your opponent is huge.

That isn’t to say that scoring rings isn’t viable either, it certainly is.

It’s all about making a strategic decision based on the situation, if you’re in a qual match that you feel confident in, it’s probably a good idea to go for the awp and let your opponents get the neutral goals, because you can still beat them with a one or two goal deficit and gain 3 win points from the match instead of just 2 had you not gotten the awp.

And even in an elim match, if you feel confident that your opponents won’t be able to retain control of the goals they take (perhaps if they only can hold one goal at a time, it’s easy to take away goals from them that they aren’t holding) then scoring rings might actually result in more points at the end of the match than grabbing neutral goals would.


Absolutely. The match still has a whole driver phase, not just the autonomous phase, and you want to use your autonomous phase to set you up for the driver phase. If you just decide not to go for the neutral goals, then you’re setting yourself up for failure, since you’d then be down 4 goals to 3, maybe 5 to 2 depending on the capabilities of your opponent. Even if autonomous is worth basically nothing now, it’s still quintessential to get yourself in a ideal position to capitalize in the driver period.

Only purpose of ring scoring in auton is to try and get the AWP if desired. Realistically, you’re not going to be able to score enough rings to make up a goal deficit in auton unless you have the tall goal.

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not necessarily, if you can regain possession of some or all of the goals your opponent grabs during auton (or if they fail to grab goals at all) scoring rings during auton will actually result in more total points than grabbing the goals. Of course, this depends on your opponent, if they’re a robot that can grab 2-3 goals and hold onto them the whole match, then you probably don’t want to let them get all the neutral goals. But if they can only hold one goal, or if they don’t even rush the center at all, scoring rings might be a better option.

It also depends on your robot, if you can grab 2-3 goals it might be a good idea for you to rush center so you can grab those goals and cling to them all match.


Map out a strategy using point values to determine how you think you want to win matches. Design your robot to execute that strategy. Watch matches, both your own and on the Intertubes and see if your strategy needs revision. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Yes it is very viable but it is hard you need a fast robot but if you can get it the six points has made and broke many matches for me

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