Is Odometry Worth It?

Given the new competition this year, everyone needs a good aiming system. Is odometry sufficient for this or not? on one hand, I’ve heard that odometry wheels will slip and they won’t give proper readings, but on the other hand, that what the hinges on tracking wheels are for, aren’t they? As a middle school team, would you recommend to work on an odometry tracking system, or should we go for a simpler route?

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while it’s definitely possible to use odometry to assist aiming to some extent this year, for the large majority of teams (yours likely included), focusing on a simpler route will be a better use of time. It’s almost always more competitive for a newer team to focus on making a very simple but reliable robot then spending a lot of time on something difficult like odometry aiming.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting and doing so, even when you fail, can teach you a lot. So it’s really a choice you have to make whether or not you want to pursue it.


What simpler solutions are there to aiming? I was thinking of manually setting coordinates before shooting (using the field tiles as coordinates) as well as an inertial sensor. Do you think that would work or not?

aiming doesn’t have to be assisted in any automatic way. You can simply aim through pointing the robot at the goal manually. With practice this can be done just as well as any aimbot system.