Is programming an arm to an automatic position legal?

I was watching a video on programming and they talked about programming the arm to go to an automatic position and I was wondering if that was legal. I couldn’t find anything in the game manual but I just wanted to be sure.

Yes this is legal. I use it a lot, and it helps me go a lot faster.

Just a general rule of thumb, if you can’t find a rule against it in the game manual, it is probably legal.


I did something like that for Turning Point with a little flipper arm. After you flip a cap, the arm resets to a position just above the floor so that you can keep driving and flipping. The only problem I had was the gears in the arm mechanism getting chewed up and some weird bug with the motor and or the brain where the zero kept resetting, but that was only after 150+ hours of pretty hard use.


Anything that you can do with programming is legal for the most part. Macros are actually very important in all games and I would use them everywhere you can.


I use it a lot too, I put a bumper sensor underneath the arm, so when I click on the program the program waits for the the bumper sensor to be pushed then we can start. Big help for us, I would recomend that to the people who what the robot’s arm at a positon that can pick up risers quickly.


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