Is programming hard?

I’m going to get the ‘‘C’’ programming kit. Although I’ve never programmed before, I do plan to take a programming class soon. I was just wondering how hard it is to figure out. Should I invest in a book or something to get the full capabilities out of vex or does it come with a manual? I was also wondering about the interfacing capability. Am I limited to the vexlabs sensors? If not then what are the limits?

i havent tried it yet (so my opinion may not be valid:confused: ) but i looked at the inventors guide u print online and it looks easy enough like say Word processor with all the editing features but with logic put in
i think it looks easy for beginners and i may get soon but i short on cash
hope u like it if you get it :smiley:

Programing can be hard but it depends on what your doing. You are limited to vexlabs sensors as far as I know.

Personally I think that programming is easy if you learn from a book or a manual

Programming is easy. Writing programs that do something useful or to do programs that do what you want them to do can be difficult if you start getting into advanced stuff. EasyC makes programming the vex more like building something with legos. They have little blocks that you put together and they do things. It’s not that difficult to do but it can be difficult to do well.


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Mental note on programming:

which loop = stays in loop, and does not exit unless restarted

if loop = sets a condition


*****This is for another type of program, but it has the same princibles.
[\the](file://\the) “(key.isDown(key.LEFT))” after if is the condition.
//the “_root.gotoAndStop(2);” is what happens if the condotion is met.\

#If you want to know, this is to switch frames on a flash by pressing the LEFT arrow.

lol actually that looks complicated. But it comes with a manual to explain it right? I should be able to figure it out. Are their any guides on the net I could look at? I’m still wondering what vex’s limits are as far as interfacing capability with sensors.

That’s not the kind of programming you are likely to be doing. If you are getting the “Easy C” programming kit, it will be dragging blocks into places that you want. It is similar to robolab for lego, if you are familiar with that.

Basically, it can be hard if you make it hard, or try to do really complicated things.

He/she is right. the esiest way to learn is to ask us. (forum members)

Beleive me! I have doveloped the needed programming for pneumatics (they NEVER told us!)