Is PROS going to support new Vex AI hardware?

@hotel and pros team. Being an official vex coding platform I assume that you all at least knew about the AI hardware. Is this in your guys plans to support for this season?

No idea


They only know the exact same as we do - what was said in the video.
That was the first time they heard about the new hardware. No information has been given to them.

I’m pretty sure the new hardware hasn’t even been made yet, so I’m not sure if it will even be used this season. We also don’t know how much of the hardware will be legal for VRC. Basically, it’s a little early to ask when the hardware hasn’t even been shipped or any details given.


Some of the hardware not specific to AI can be supported by PROS when the updated sdk is available later this year. The AI specific hardware currently interfaces with the V5 via USB (subject to change however) , so PROS can probably support that. The robot to robot communications will be VEXcode only for the time being, it relies on some of the vexos event handling not available for partner developers (and really not useable due to partner devs using things like FreeRTOS).


Does that indicate to the possibility of VEXU or VEX AI being allowed to do robot to robot communication with custom electronics. VEXU Bots used to be able to communicate with an xBee radio and I was hoping that would be allowed in the future.


Exactly what is AI specific and what isnt? I assume GPS and Link are AI-only, but what about the stereo vision sensor, and the color sensor, and that weird thing that looked like a v5 potentiometer?


I doubt it. The robot to robot comms is still using VEXnet, I would not expect any other forms of rf communication to be allowed.


If I can possibly ask here:
So what exactly counts as AI? I know it’s not AGI(Artificial General Intelligence), but what makes the AI unit ANI(Artificial Narrow Intelligence)? What is there for the AI product to learn?

Technically, AI is any arificial intelligence; it doesnt have to be machine learning. Minecraft mobs follow a type of AI.


That’s rather disappointing. I imagine there’s quite a bit of overlap between teams that use PROS and teams that are planning on doing VAIC. Is robot to robot communication planned on ever being exposed in the partner SDK?


I’m quite suprised by this. I would expect those who would be interested in VAIC would much rather program with PROS than VEXcode. I myself have found VEXcode quite terrible after the 1.0 update. @jpearman’s previews were amazing and I loved using them. They were easier to set up than PROS, the interface was fine, and it was simple to work with. Now that robomatter has taken over things, I’ve found VEXcode much harder to work with. The interface is weird, it takes too long to set up just a couple motors and get them spinning, and it is now very not simple. It’s unusable for me. For the reason that I can no longer bear to use the robomatter VEXcode, and I cannot use PROS for VEX AI, any possibility that I might have competed in VAIC is gone.


Honestly if the difference between VEXCode vs PROS is that game changing you wouldn’t even compete, you probably werent going to work very hard in the AI competition.

I expect the good VAIC teams run almost no code on the V5 brain. You are welcome to see all the code I ran on my beta V5 brain when I was working on fully autonomous robots.

around 200 lines of code.

If I was writing that in VEXcode instead of PROS it would have been okay.


I did say.

There’s a few things that will determine what we do later in the year, it’s just not a priority at the moment.

and as to VEXcode changing after 1.0, you don’t have to use all the graphical config stuff.


When was VEXcode not Robomatter?

When it was James’s personal project

VEXcode was never a personal project, always a VEX/Robomatter project.


Really? That’s not at all what I remember. I will go back and rethink things now.

VEXcode started as a bit of an internal skunkworks project due to the issues with VCS, It was started by another Robomatter developer, I helped with the project for a few weeks during the preview stage, but then moved on to other things after the 0.9 release.

You may be confusing this with my VSCode plugin for V5, that’s never been released and was a personal project.