is radio shack gonna stop selling vex products??!!

is radio shack gonna stop selling vex products??!!

IFI now is the offical provider of vex parts. You can get the parts at their site if you want.

Yes radioshack is no longer going to be selling vex products (as soon as they are out of stock) I think the reason being is that radioshack just couldn’t sell them as fast as they wanted (proboably because it was to pricey for most).

um…they are not selling anymore!!

yesterday all RS had was a light sensor, and thats online.

i realy wish they didnt stop selling vex i should have bought every thing while it was on sale but i didnt have any money:mad:

i gusse thay are going to stop selling vex things:mad:

Radio shack is cool for selling them. The answer: Eventually.

heh I spent 500$+ at RS’s around here when I started… was al half off.

Starter kit, programming, tons of extra wheels, gears, motors, servo’s. the works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its all gone.

FWIW - My local RS manager helped me get a number of components from other stores over the past few months- he now says that all remaining stock has been pulled and sent back, no more will be sold through his store at all-

But he said there are a few of the starter kits floating around at various stores, they weren’t all recalled.

Anyone know of RS that has tank treads?

does anybody on this forum know of any radio shacks that have vex still besides the starter ,and the power if you know of one please post the zip code of that store thanks

I was told by two separate managers that there is a new line coming out for the Holiday season .But I don’t know other than that. I went out and bought three more starter kits, for a total of four!! .But i was to late to get any parts kits.

If you go on, you can do a ship to store on all of the vex products.

hmmmmmmmmmmm.realy ok that is good

last time i checked, about a week ago, RS was completely sold out of all vex products. so no more half price deals :frowning:

have you checked online, because yesterday you could ship the products to the store from the website and they were all half price.

i went to but all thay had was 1 light sesore kit and that is it:mad: :mad: :mad:

that’s weird, yesterday they had everything. And I’m not kidding they seriously had all of the stuff

ya it keeps changing every few days:confused: