Is Repairing Field Elements Allowed?

So, our blue side platform has developed a crack in the plastic, and we would like to fix it. Would this be illegal? We often loan out our field for comps, and don’t want our field to be the source of legality issues.
If not, I’m thinking a little bit of epoxy in the crack should work great.

It looks small, but its been causing issues.

If you are an EP - please contact your RECF Event Engagement Manager for your region for guidance - this is your go to interface for answers to such questions.

If you are a team loaning gear to EPs, contact the EP and let them know there may be a problem and they should contact their RECF Event Engagement Manager.

Common sense is that functional gear is better than none at all. Game Manual does not go into much details about gear being fit for competition other than tolerance of field differences and placement.

GDC will be specific about how things like GPS strips are mounted. Alternative to velcro would be duo loc …

For official answers to all things VRC - go to Q&A section of VRC.


It would be legal to start a match with it, but all blue has to do is show this rule and any blue robot should get a replay. EP/Head Ref doesn’t have to grant it, but if the crack stopped blue from climbing or putting goals up that would have won them the match then it should be replayed.


I’m not sure what an EP is, but I’m probably not one. I’m the senior student on our team.

Well, so far it seems that it’s probably going to be best to just go ahead and fix our field. I didn’t think it would be an issue, but I wanted to be sure.
Thanks for the help!

That’s helpful, Thanks!

EP = Event Partner - usually the person you are loaning out the gear to. I know EPs really appreciate teams that bring gear to events. So keeping them in the loop about the state of your field elements is a good thing - surprises no one really likes. I remember going to an event for turning point and finding that the PVC poles had not been packed - so trip to Home Depot get some replacements. We used that on a practice field - better having something functioning that not at all.