Is Robot C really free now??? Reply

Take a look over here for more information

Update, just as a test I made a new account on and was able to download a free copy of ROBOTC.

Thanks! It wasn’t clear (until now) that you had to log into your account.

Yep. A non expiring license. Wow, I am impressed and grateful.

Is there a difference in the (EXE) file and the (MSI) file?
Which would be better for a HP windows computer?

They are like the same. Just use the exe.

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Does this apply to resellers as well?

Do you actually have to buy a kit to get the download?

You just need to make an account on vexrobotics and the download link is available.

I doubt that resellers would be involved. As was stated earlier, all you need to do is to establish an account on for FREE and you will have access to the link to the FREE download. I am not sure why a reseller would do this. It is the result of the connection that VEX has with the makers of Robot C.

This is almost as great as sliced white bread. Now roboteers and parents can get copies of RobotC for their home systems for free. This lets them code at home and work on their robot when they want. It also means the end of “team laptop is missing/broken at events.” Just download and go.

Thanks RobotC and thanks VEX for removing one more barrier to competition!!!

Perfect timing! I’ve had several of my roboteers and their parents ask this week about being able to work on programming at home.

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This is great news!

But how will we pay for fancy oscilloscopes for @jpearman ? :slight_smile:

Robot Virtual Worlds, of course!

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This is great news!!! But just our luck, my team just bought a copy of RobotC about 2 weeks ago. Do you know if there is anything we can do to get some money back

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