Is <SG3> in violation of <G3>?

After a discussion with the ref at a tournament, our team understands the specifics of rule (and how it relates with and ). We would like to question the phrase “regardless of intent” in point b of . Does this rule () violate rule (use common sense)? If so, what happens to the rest of the rulings in part b of ? If not, how does make sense?

Rule SG3b essentially means that if you touch the opponents platform for any reason, you have broken the rule. If it doesn’t affect gameplay, it is 30 points for the other team. If it does, then you get dqed. The rule sucks, but it sucks the same for everyone.


Is in violation of <G3?

lmao that’s the question the rest of us have been asking all season


Also the forum doesn’t like it when you use < and >. To fix this, surround it in backticks (`) like this: <SG3>.