Is static a problem?

So me and my team are new to EDR but not new to vex, we just built our first robot and drove it around a bit, when we went to pick it up again one of my teammates got a shock, we have to discharge the robot after we drive now.
Does static present any problems? are any of our parts like our motors and our brain at danger at all?
Any extra advice would also be really nice.

im gonna assume you are using V5 if so, yes there is a problem where the static can burn out ports, especially if you are using longer wires, my suggestion to help combat this is to use the anti static spray vex sells, all it is is a spray bottle that you spray on lightly on your foam tiles every now and then ( probably once a day for practices, and every like 10 matches in a competition)

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Just for the record, we don’t actually sell the antistatic spray.

More information about ESD can be found in this knowledge base article


Huh I thought they sold that.

Ok, thanks for the help, i’ll notify my team about this soon

I think that static is probably a problem, when I first opened my motor, and drove it around upstairs, were I don’t usually do robotics it started to gather static, one on the motor even stopped working.

I heard somewhere on the forum that having a piece of conductive wire dragging from the metal of your robot onto the field will help but I don’t know if this is true of not.
I’m thinking that this would keep the robot at the same voltage as the field tiles, but since the tiles are insulating, they would be at a different voltage to the ground/field perimeter which could result in killing electronics if you touched them to ground.
Although maybe i’m mistaken so feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

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