Is STEM Video the required method of Judging

Is the video submission for the STEM Presentation Awards a requirement? Can a local event skip the video judging process and do in person judging on the day of the event, instead?
If video judging is a requirement, would we be able to narrow down the top 5 STEM Presentations videos and perform in person judging with the top 5 video judging submissions?
Or must the determination of the STEM Presentation Award be made solely on the Video Submission prior to the start of the event?

This was originally asked about at the Next Level Q&A:

Thanks for your post,

Yes, the video judging process is required. All aspects of the judging process are to use the submitted team videos. The VEX IQ Judges guides states “All events are expected to use the video format for the entire STEM research project judging process.”

It is important that teams are judged uniformly regardless of the region they are playing in. For this reason the VEX IQ program requires that the processes outlined in the VEX IQ judges guide are used for all events.

Thank you, I appreciate the answer. This will help us to be consistent as we host tournaments throughout the season.