Is the Default Code available for mod?

Hello There,

We have a newbie competition coming up in two weeks and we need to modify the default code for our remote controlled robot that is based around the proto and tumbler bots in the classroom lab kit we were supplied. We’re using the four motors as drive motors and the servo for the “Ball Gate” in our design. The problem with the servo being driven off the motor output we’re using is that the servo always wants to return to center and we want it to stay at one extreme or the other. I know this is due to the (1.5ms) pulse width signal that is being sent and that this is used to tell a motor to stop, but on the servo its center. Is there a way to change this default condition to one of the extremes since we’re using the servo not the motor?

I have some programming experience (including C) and I have a copy of RobotC that I haven’t tried to use yet - haven’t needed it and too busy to play. Is the source code for the default program that is resident in the micro controller available for modification and can I edit it with RobotC? Or is there another way?