Is the driver station post (tall steel bracket) mandatory?

When hosting an event, is it mandatory to have the official driver tower bracket where the drivers plug their controllers in? I think VEX calls it “Sheet-Metal Driver Station Post” - can’t find it on the website outside of the steel field kit. Is it allowed to mount the “driver interface” on a custom stand or low to the ground (with longer cables of course)? I noticed the Wave signature event (WPI) had the driver interface boxes screwed into the plastic field directly - albeit the fields were raised. Thanks (and I’m aware this is not an EP forum or a place for official answers).

There are no rules about Driver Station posts.

For example, our event we use V5 Brains using Field Control App - so we have custom driver posts with cabling at our event.

It is advisable to use something for cable management at the alliance station.

Here is a picture of ours in action.


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