Is the entire tile off limits, or only parts of it?

Hi Karthik,

The rule <SG6> reads as follows (emphasis mine):

It seems to me as there is a little ambiguity in what the bolded part means. Does it mean that robots may not make any contact with a foam tile that is only partially in their own Zones? Does it mean that robots may not make contact with the part of the foam tiles in their own Zones (but it is acceptable to make contact with the part not in the Zone)? Or is there a different intent?

Essentially, is it legal for a robot on the blue side to make contact with the green area and/or the purple area in the attached picture?

Thank you in advance!

This isn’t the Q&A. It’s one more channel down from here (ie VRC Starstruck 16/17 > Official VRC Starstruck Q&A).

But please don’t post this in the Q&A; it’s really quite clear. Take a look at the definition of near and far zones; there’s even a nice picture.

You’ll see that your green and purple are not in any zone and that you are only prohibited from touching your own near/far zone, so yes you can touch the green & purple areas.

Oops, my mistake.

And yes, in fact I originally told one of my teammates the same thing, that obviously the green and purple zones would be legal for us to contact. But when I reread the rule, the wording makes it slightly ambiguous. Does the “in their own Zones” part have precedence over “the foam tiles”? Depending on which words you emphasize as you read it in your head, the rule can suggest either that only the Zone is out-of-bounds, or that the entire tile is out of bounds.

I am clear with the definition of the Near and Far Zone, I just wanted to clarify how they apply to robots and not scoring objects. In my mind, I agree with you, but since one of our mechanisms involves utilizing that little sliver of foam tile for support, I would much rather be safe than sorry :stuck_out_tongue: