Is the field at Worlds on an elevated platform?


All our local and state VEX IQ Next Level competitions have been using the field on the floor, but I found in video that the field at the Worlds were put on a elevated platform. Is that going to be the case this year as well? Is there official dimensions of that platform? (height)



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Yes, all division fields at VEX Worlds will be elevated. I don’t know the exact height of the risers off-hand, but I I believe that it raises the field about 1.5 - 2 feet.

thanks. anybody knows the exact height? our team just won state champion and will go to the worlds. I’ll need to build a platform/frame for them.

It’s right in the game manual:

<T6> At many events, the playing Field will be placed on the ground. Some events may choose to elevate their Fields. At the 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship, the Fields will be 18” high.

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got it, thanks Dave!

There are a number of foldable 2’x4’ tables with adjustable legs. Ours do a 19" height, close enough to practice on.

great idea! I’ll check it out!