is the new vex backward compatible????!!

u know guys (and girls if present), i thought about it for a while. IS THE NEW VEX BACKWARD COMPATIBLE!!! what i mean v1.0???:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: ???
post your thougts plz
and also do u think the vex 1.0 should be backward compatible? vote plz!!!

i dont really understand the question:confused: can you explain a little more or wut your talking about thanks:D :smiley:

i think he means will v.5 motors and sensors work on the v1.0 brain and vice versa. (conrect me if im wrong). but im sure it will be

has there been any news or pics of the v1.0 on any websites?

ya where have you heard about v10 all i now is that vexlabs and revoll or what ever the comanys name is, will be selling vex products together if you now of a website that tells about v10 please post:D

there hasn’t been any talk about this officaly but the vex kit has been v.5 for almost 2 years now.

If you go to they have a write-up on this, and it states that v1.0 is backward compatible

The new Vex kit that has been mentioned on Botmag as a partnership with Revell is NOT v 1.0.


So it’s not Backward Compatible either… :smiley:

My apologies. I assumed the new VEX was v1.0. Here is a portion of the write-up from stating the backward compatibility.

“The partnership will strongly position the Vex system in the hobby, education and mass markets, and is expected to bolster the growth of the FIRST Vex Challenge and other robotics competitions using the Vex platform. The expanded Vex system is backwards compatible and will include a suite of features only suggested by this prototype mock-up (image obtained from the Revell prototyping laboratory). Production units are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2007; see the Vex press release below. For more product details, stay tuned to Robot―your inside robotics news source!”

first of all…What does backwards compatible mean?

In this case, will the NEW VEX be able to use the OLD VEX parts in its construction, thus the phrase “Backwards Compatible”, (use Definition #4 for both references).

sorry (and girls if present), didn’t read the article right. notice how it said the “expanded version”, not the “new version”. well in this case, if a new vex comes out (v1.0) do you peoples think that this “new” version should with the old version (v.5 the "now version)? post your thoughts plz!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sorry, …version should be backwards compatible with the old version (…*

and what i ment about the question is, do u peoplez want the hardware to be backward compatible or the software, or both? post you thoughts, or IM me!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

oh ok thanks!!!:slight_smile: