Is the number of cylinders limited?

Rule says the maximum of air reservoirs is 2 . But I don’t see any restriction on cylinders.
Does it mean unlimited cylinders ?

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You read the manual correctly, there is no limit on the number of pneumatic cylinders.


If by cylinder you mean piston or actuator then yes there is no limit.

Do note that each tank is limited in the number of actuations and by adding more actuators you reduce the amount of uses overall. You also introduce a greater risk of failure of the system with the more connections you create so be prepared to spend a fair amount of time to find leaks.

Do you know roughly how many actuations you can get from one tank? I have yet to test them

it all depends on how much you want to regulate the air going into each actuations.
the more air = stronger actuation = lesser number of actuation

so it is a balancing act that you will need to manage.
and i hope this will also dispel the notion that pneumatic is a magic pill that will solve all problems.

Edit: one of my teams used pneumatics for intake during ITZ… they barely managed to last through one match. You can use this as a reference.


Don’t take this as gospel but iirc a general rule of thumb for an average usage I vaguely remember someone mentioning around 35 actuations, however as Meng has stated it really depends on your regulation of pressure and very likely could have much less than this.

And btw - normally you will need 2 actuations for every action/task.

You will need 1 actuation to extent the piston, and then another actuation to retract the piston.

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There are ways around this if you want it to be single action you can retract via rubberbands if you really want to increase the number of actuations.


Definitely… but not the easiest thing to do - in getting the tension force of the rubber bands just nice.

and btw, I am not sure is it still in the store - they used to sell single action pistons. It will simplify things in trying to convert the double actions into single.

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From my knowledge single action pistons are legal but you will likely have to source them directly from SMC

single actions IMO arent that good, less force mainly
i would prefer converting a double

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Not confirmed - a question that other mentors had about parts that used to be legal and nor longer available from SMC is a good one as well.