Is the PM facility disabled?

Or have I just come over all stupid? :wink:

I vaguely remember some discussion of disabling or restricting PMs during the Forum overhaul, but I don’t remember the outcome.

However, I don’t seem to be able to find a way to send a PM, and my incoming PM screen now says that I’m allowed to have 0 saved messages. I don’t remember, offhand, what the number was, but it was far above the 21 I have.

Put another way “A clue, a clue, my kingdom for a clue!”


PS: If you’re curious as to why I was trying, it was to respond to Qwill, who posted to a staff-reply-only forum. Why do people do that (other than for things where an “official” response matters), when there’s so much help available from the community at large?

ive been wondering the same thing too
ive been wanting to discuss about other users’ bot
but i cant seem to find a way to contact them

Yes, the PM feature was disabled after there was a rash of Spam User that started sending Spam PM, rather than posting Spam Messages.

I too wish that the PM could be re-enabled, it would be nice if ALL New Users were on Probation for the first 10-15 Moderated Posts, including PMs, that would just about weed out any Users that weren’t genuine…

Please Note that I don’t work for VexLabs, but I am a long time user and Part Time Forum Administrator.

I don’t know when it came back, but it looks like the PM feature has been restored!

Some where around the beginning of JUL-2010. I got a PM on 06-JUL-2010 from another member…