Is the Tall Goal Worth it?

you definitely do not need to go down to 2 motor drive to be able to do the tall goal. with 4m drive it’s more than possible. But with 6m drive it gets very difficult, and 6m drive is very advantageous this year.


You can do high post with 8 motor drive.

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You can, but then you can’t do the alliance goals, if the alliance goals are full they can have up to (usually not) 10 rings worth the 30 points of the three preloads used. Granted this doesn’t work very well as a counter unless you get auto since the alliance goal likely will not have 10 rings.

Why wouldn’t you be able to do alliance goals?

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I don’t see a way to have an 8 motor drive and pick up rings and place on the alliance goals and tall goal.

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You can just place goals on alliance goals with your high post mech.

Again, I don’t see how this works, when you said that you can score on the tall goal with an 8 motor drive I assumed you were talking about a particular team from Utah that uses preloads to score on the tall goal with an 8 motor drive.

motor sharing could play an important role if you wanted the advantage of 6m drive with tall goal scoring. But at that point it becomes a matter of if you have the time and resources to invest in a strategy that’s risky at best.

I think the tall goal will have it’s place, but I don’t think that place will be central to the gameplay at worlds.


Drop the ring from the same height you would the tall goal and cross your fingers it lands where it’s supposed to

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The placing of the rings is sketchy at best, it how are you going to pick up rings and then lift them 40 inches into the air using only pneumatics?

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it is possible, you can build off of the height you get from your normal lift, so you don’t need to go from 0 to 40 inches just with pneumatics. still difficult, but very possible.


I agree but seems pretty risky to me.

That is an excellent question for those way smarter than I am.

I think a one time use with pneumatics is entirely possible. Pneumatics release of a crazy rubber banded dr4b that just goes up once. With a peg and a pneumatic latch with some rings on it to control it better. It seems doable.

Or you could use something like this to power it:

who knows sounds fun to try

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Many points made on this thread assume that a tall goal robot is useless if it doesn’t have the tall goal. That really isn’t true. A good tall goal robot will be able to do everything another good robot would be able to do (externally elevate goals, score rings on short nuetral and alliance goals, have at least a 2 goal capacity), as well as score rings on the tall goal. That means that even if it doesn’t get the tall goal, it can still be competitive.

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I get that a one time release of pneumatics completely feasible. It is also completely feasible to have a pneumatic plunger mounted on a DR4B. What I don’t think is feasible is having a lift that can go down, pick up rings, lift the rings 40 inches, and repeat it multiple times on an 8 motor drive bot. Maybe with motor sharing, but definitely not without.


Do you really think that there will be 8 motor drive bots? Or did you mean 6 motor drive.

There will most likely be 8 motor drive bots at worlds. It can let you reach even higher speeds that 6m drive, which is very useful in the auton rush.

there are already 8m drive bots. see 2114x:

this I agree with. I don’t think it’s possible to score all 8 rings on the tall goal with an exclusively 8m drive. it is possible if you use a power take off from the drive to borrow 2 of the motors for when you want to lift. You could potentially do something like what 2114x has done except swapping between 6 and 8 motor drive in order to score more rings on the tall goal than just the three preloads, which could be a devastating strategy.

if you can park with the loaded tall goal, and two alliance goals, you get 233 points. This is only beatable if your opponent at a minimum fills up both alliance goals, obtains both of the other neutral goals, and one of them parks with their two goals while the other places the other two on the platform as well. Which is totally doable, but that’s assuming that you don’t have a contributing partner. If you did, all you’d need your partner to do would be to either obtain one of the other neutral goals, or take one of your alliance goals and fill it with rings before either handing back to you or placing it on top of the platform after you climb.

So it’s definitely a viable strategy, just not one that anyone has quite taken to that point yet.


Now if you assume high post wins auto, which it should because it can get the tall post rings, then it will win this scenario.

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