Is the API down?

I’ve been developing a python script that gets info on teams at an upcoming competition and now my script is getting errors. When I went to investigate, the API said the page isn’t working image
Also, 6 out of seven of the pages that describe the API are now blank image
Has anyone else seen this issue or know whats going on? Is it just me?

(cc @nallen01)

All the API description pages are blank for me as well, except for “Teams”. But other than that the API appears to be working fine; I was able to get some data back via both a web browser and my python API wrapper.

Regarding the specific URL in your above screenshot, that URL loaded fine for me but returned no results. Looking at the VexDB page for that event, there are no teams listed for that event, although the corresponding robot events page does show a bunch of teams registered. So this seems like a problem in RE scraping for this particular event to me.


Ok, thanks! I will try and see if your API wrapper may help

It definitely was a problem with the API, but should be fixed now! Everything should be back up


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