Is there a customization or user preferences option coming to VCS any time soon?

I love to make shortcuts for my keyboard and change some keybinds to what I normally use. Is there any way that that option is coming to VCS?

I’d settle for a text editor that works well at this point.


I’m loving using PROS right now, which is built off of Atom, my favourite text editor. I would highly recommend it, as it is very highly customisable with plugins, settings etc. I have heard lots of criticisms and shortcomings of the VCS.

They just should pull the plug on VCS and re-release it when it’s mature.

It’s a poor product, to be released late and without a lot of features. It’s even worse for them to promise updates that never show up.

And to not communicate these changes out to the users, and to continually remain silent for months is irresponsible as a company that releases software. If I did that, I’d be rightly reprimanded for it, if not fired.


Is this the same thing exactly? or are there differences in API?


No, but this looks like a good place to mention NotVCS, which lets you edit .vex files with a text editor of your choice (I, personally, use Atom)

What if i wanna use my own editor, is it possible to download vex libraries so it works in any?

NotVCS works with all text editors that can edit a plaintext file. The VCS API isn’t open source, though you can find some header files in AppData.

yes, Im asking can i compile with say, Notepad++?

with NotVCS or PROS, yes, though you have to use the command line

PROS has its own API, which is different to the VCS one, but if you know actual C++, it isn’t much of a steep learning curve.

you don’t need to use the command line in PROS, everything needed is in the GUI

No im not really a c++ person, im more java, but its still OOP so it has a lot in common

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t VCS C++ (modified, of course) only anyway?

Yes <20 character limit>