Is there a limit to how many members can be on a single team?

Is there a limit to how many members can be on a single team? Where can I find official documentation of this information? I looked briefly through the manual and through the RobotEvents website and found nothing. In addition, when attempting to register a team on RobotEvents with over 10 team members there was no issue, though that may just be bad design on their part.

I’m not talking about how many students is ideal, just whether there is a set max.

I don’t believe there is a max. My gut also said that the max was 10 people, but I am pretty sure that misconception came from me mixing up the rules from FLL.

I mean, if you want to go into the game manual;

Team - One or more Students make up a Team. A Team is classified as a middle school Team if all members are Middle School Students. A Team is classified as a high school Team if any of its members are High School Students. Teams may be associated with schools, community/youth organizations, or a group of neighborhood Students.

So, as long as there is one person, then it is fine. There isn’t any upper limit in the rules.


While I was registering, it asked for how many boys and girls were on each team and it allowed me to put 20 of each

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I saw that misconception appear in the certification course from VEX…

That said, how are you helping students learn by being on MEGA teams? Already teams have difficulty working out division of labor with more than four students…

No rules apart bizarre RObotEvents restrictions…

Does it really matter what the biological/gender composition of the team matter?


Don’t have more than three on a team. We had seven last year and very few did anything at a time

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear; I’m not asking for how many is ideal to promote good teamwork and other, but rather if there is a specific limit set by VEX, RobotEvents, or any other relevant organization. Thanks.

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I always figured the boy/girl question helps RECF keep stats on how many of each gender participate.


Gender is non-binary for some.

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But, Vex unlike some other competitions doesn’t require all your team members to be present at all times. Therefore there can be a schedule of who goes to work on the robot when. So not all team members are at one place using up time. At the same time that also requires a project manger…

For some…

My point to the RECF is we should be able to just state number of students on team. We can’t just classify the individuals as either “this” or “that”.

Moreover, the RECF did not offer any means to opt-out of gender identification last year. I think they were working on it mid-year. We will see what rolls out this season.


The definitions section of the game manual are quite clear (so yes, @GBHS_VEX_Member is correct, that is exactly where we want to go!)…“one or more” is clearly stated and means just what it says. There is no upper limit in the manual; therefore, there is no upper limit.

In the Educator Certification for VEX EDR there is a test question for max size of team - which they list the correct answer as 10. This is why I don’t get perfect scores all the time, not all tests are perfect :slight_smile:


How do they justify the answer as “10” (or is it purely a mistake by the test creator)? It doesn’t make any sense to have a requirement hidden from the general public outside the game manual.


I believe it is a mistake in the test. As long as I am more right than wrong, I am ok with the one question being wrong. What really matters is how engaged are your team mates? I remember one year being shocked by a 19 member VEX IQ MS team during judging. The kids were great, they all communicated what roles they played and they all had a blast. It was clear they had no choice but to work it out given the school only had one VEXIQ kit. Definitely one of my favorite team interactions in terms of energy and positivity.


Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll go back and take a look at it and make any needed corrections. Thanks,


so the limit is 10 per team?

Thanks so much for replying. I am still confused regarding the final verdict, though. Is there indeed a team limit, as the test would suggest, or is that merely a misrake?

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Nothing in the rules prohibits teams of more than 10 students on a team as long as they meet the definition of team for different VRC divisions (MS or HS) and team in VEXU.

Certification questions will likely be fixed… alas, my record will always be imperfect :slight_smile:


The game manual is correct. There’s no upper limit!