Is there a place to see stats brackets?

Is there any place in the internet world where one can see stats and brackets - like an overall bracket table populated with current standings, scores, alliances as they do in all sports championships?

We have friends on many teams scattered across divisions and it is very hard to navigate links, PDFs and the like. Also, we can’t seem to find Round of 16 alliance info anywhere.

One webpage populated as things happen would make such an immense difference, especially for friends and families who have no clue how to follow any of this. Would make our sport so much more accessible and popular.

Also, why are the live streams always unlisted? It takes a lot of fumbling to get the link out of the LRT software and send it to all team members/friends/family/coaches/parents (who invariably type it wrong and say “it didn’t work”). Yes I know at some point links are updated on but it usually is very late after the events started. Also, some people watch directly on Youtube on smart TVs and similar devices and can’t type URLs or navigate links from websites. If the live streams were listed, everyone could just find it by doing a simple search in Youtube on the RECF channel, set reminders, be ready, you know, what people do with Youtube live streams. Don’t we want the world to watch our Worlds championship and get excited about it?

PS. I was told the brackets / alliances briefly appeared on the morning update video, going to take screenshots.

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Hi… RECF has listed all the links.

All compiled under this site - 2021 Live Remote VEX Worlds Agenda and Video Archive

As for the match brackets, etc… i agree… it is problematic… I have been relying on my students to screenshot and sending it to me.


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